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Light Sport and Amateur-built Aircraft Association of Namibia

Image by Victor Zhuk


Light Sport and Amateur-build Aircraft Association of Namibia, is a Namibian association for non-type certified aircraft, which has set it's aim to popularise Light Sport and Amateur-Built Airplane flying by providing members with the necessary facilities to obtain all such licenses and ratings as are or may be hereinafter granted by any duly constituted authority under the Air Navigation Act and to provide and/or maintain such facilities for all such operations thereafter.

Lisama also would Endeavour to encourage, develop and promote private and sporting Light Sport and Amateur-Built aviation throughout the Republic of Namibia, and to operate as an approved recreation organisation under Sub-part 2 of Part 149 of the Aviation Act.  To co-ordinate and regulate all forms of Light Sport and Amateur-Built aviation sport of members, by compiling, maintaining and modifying from time to time as required, a Manual of Procedure in accordance with which all forms of  Light Sport and Amateur-Built aviation sport shall be conducted.

Lisama also issue, renew and withdraw in accordance with the Manual of Procedure and the Air Navigation Regulations and in consultation with NCAA, the necessary licenses and ratings for Light Sport and Amateur-Built aircraft pilots, instructors and Approved Persons where applicable, and carry out other activities in respect of Light Sport and Amateur-Built aviation as approved by NCAA.


Membership Fees

Initial Signup Fee: Not charged for 2023 season

Annual Membership: N$1000

Third party Insurance Cover: N$285

Inspector: Free of Charge


Account Holder: Lisama

Bank Windhoek

Account: 8002374359

Branch: 481772

Transferring funds into our bank account will not automatically make you a member nor provide you with insurance cover.  Please ensure to apply using the link below.


Membership Fees
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